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    I cannot get LR6 up in Auto Play as it still shows LR5  even after I have uninstalled it

    David Anthony

      I have windows 7 and when I insert my SD card or USB stick with current photos to be imported to my new upgraded version of Lightroom 6 I have just purchased. The Auto Play feature asks where I want to import it to ie..photo gallery/Windows Media and Still Shows up Lightroom 5

      So I am unable to import my new photos as it does NOT show up this LR6 device in auto play can anyone help thanks.

      Just to say when I installed Lightroom 6,  2 days ago it still kept Lightroom 5  installed on my pc as when I tried to import more photos Only LR5 comes up and this is as above, so today I manually uninstalled 5 and thought as requested to reinstall LR6 again(another mistake now I have Two sets of LR 6 on my pc.

      Some help and advice would be appreciated.