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    Ordering photos from two cameras


      Bit of a simple question, with complicated results.

      So. Me and my partner do wedding photography. We have two cameras with the times synced. We shoot 12 hour days and get through a lot of memory.


      Now, you would think getting the cameras home on a pc would be work, but it doesn't. Here are a few reasons why:


      1. Photoshop doesn't read numbers properly. You have to rename the files with zeros in front (eg 0001), if you rename them 1, 2, etc it will group together 1, 10, 20, 100 etc which is frustrating. We edit using photoshop camera raw. We can't rename our photos in windows, or lightroom. We can only rename them in bridge, because it is the only software that lets us specify how many digits we'd like to rename with which lead on to problem no.2...


      2. Bridge does not let you order by capture time. It lets you order by 'date taken' which is often not reliable, and when it does work, you put them in order by date taken, you rename but it renames them in the original file order and not in date taken order.




      We need them to be in order so we can give them to our clients correctly, can anyone help?? Please tell me I'm missing something stupid.