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    After Effects freezing at start of Rendering


      Hey Guys,


      as you could imagine from the title my AAE CC 2014 crashes when I start rendering. I made a composition with a TIFF_Sequenz rendered out of Cinema 4D. It took about 8h but it workes fine. In AAE I added Music, effects and other videos like Particles and stuff. Now when I add it to the render queue and press render it freezes and my  PC lags massively. I tried turning on/off rendereing multiple frames simultaneously and OpenGL, nothing helped. My render settings are 1920:1080, 60fps, XVID-Mpeg4 codec. I got 8gb Ram and also tried to upper and reduce the ram reserved for aae. No I searched for like 3h and didnt got any further. I also worked with Blender and rendered an animation with my SLI-Gt 650M. I have a Intel Core i5-3230M @ Maximum of 3ghz. Rendereing in a TIFF-Sequenz also resulted in a crash. I also Updated to the latest version via CreativeCloud. The composition is in total 5sec long. I hope someone could help me.




      EDIT: I tried rendering only the C4D TIFF_Sequenz to .mov and it worked fine. Trying to render the whole composition to .mov gets the same result ->CRASH.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          First I wouldn't render an MP4 from the render cue -- ever. I'd use the Adobe Media Encoder.


          Second, without details about your composition including effects, source footage frame size, and 3rd party codecs that you may have installed we have no idea what may be causing your problems. With standard effects, standard source files and standard render settings rendering with only 8GB of ram won't be very fast but it should work. You've got something going on that isn't standard. Tell us what that might be and maybe we can point you in the right directions.

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            norman-jj Level 1

            Thanks for the fast reply:)

            Could you explain me how to use the Encoder?
            Some Information you asked about:
            -Source footage frame size is also 1920:1080

            -Here are some screenshots of the composition timeline.Adobe1.PNGAdobe2.PNG


            -I only tried the XVID codec as someone mentioned it would fix the problem

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              norman-jj Level 1

              So I tried to Render with AME and for some reason it worked for like 5 minutes of rendering and theen it fails with the error : Error compiling movie. Unknown Error. I searched google and tryed everything i could. When i select to render Only video  it freeze so it has to do something with the Video. It is like 10 frames into the composition where it fails.

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                Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                You have very little RAM which is likely to be causing your crash.

                Reboot your machine. Start no other software but AE. Then render to an intermediate file format in AE (with multiprocessing turned OFF). A good intermediate format would be QuickTime with the PhotoJPEG codec. Then, close AE and take the resulting .MOV file into the Adobe Media Encoder and create your H.264 from that.


                If that doesn't work, tell us exactly what happened.