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    Lightroom CC Import performs copy, but doesn't add to catalog

    Ed Y

      So, I've been having a curious and annoying issue.  When I do an import from a memory card, everything looks fine on import.  The images get imported and show in the catalog.  The backup even gets sent to my NAS.    I'm able to edit, modify tag images and do all the things normally associated with LR.  As soon as I shutdown LR and reopen, however,  the newly imported catalog vanishes along with all the edits, etc.


      If I think sync the folder above (I sort by year, so each day has a specific folder, in this case if I go to the 2015 folder) and sync, I'm able to get all the pictures back into the catalog.  From that point on, I can exit and restart LR with no issues with the catalog.  Of course, since this is a re-import, I've lost all my edits/changes, etc.


      Any thoughts on this issue?