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    Connection Key Compatibility

      I am having an issue that I can't find the answer to anywhere. When creating a Connection Key using my Mac, a PC user gets an error saying that the connection key is only compatible with a Macintosh system. How user-friendly is that?
      Does anyone know of a work-around or how to accomplish this? Surely there have been other instances with Administrators using Macs where the end user is using a PC.
      Michael M. Kadrie
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          HangD Level 1
          The limitation of sending connection keys in a mix environment because Windows uses UNC and Macs ues SMB and AFP. you will need to create a set of keys create on a PC and a a set create on a Mac. The connection key only encrypts the data and does not transform it into a common path name. Another option is to use FTP/SFTP or WebDAV method instead.