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    URLRequest to Java action

      Hello everbody,
      I'm new to Flex and try to make my problem clear:

      I'm trying to send a request to some file called "myJavaAction.do" on my Tomcat Server.

      _uploadURL = new URLRequest;
      _uploadURL.url = " http://myServer:8080/myJavaAction.do";
      _uploadURL.data = _variables;
      _uploadURL.contentType = "multipart/form-data";

      results in nothing, or better Event.COMPLETE for _file is fired, but no data was sent out
      (I used a proxy sniffer to see whats going on).

      For me it seems Flex has a problem with the filetpye .do, cause when i change the _uploadURL.url to "...whateverfilenotexisting.do" i get no error. When i use whateverfilenotexisting.jsp or whateverfilenotexisting.cfm i get an file not existing error. Is Flex really ignoring .do files in URL or what is wrong here?

      If it is so, how can i use my java actions in Flex then ?
      Would be great if you could help :)

      Best regards,