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    how to make text rotate clockwise around a counter clockwise rotating earth

    any suggestions out there

      Please instruct me or point me to a good tutorial on making the the effects that's found in the link below





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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Add an earth texture to your composition and then apply CC Spere. Rotate the earth on the Y axis clockwise. Find a texture map here: Natural Earth III – Texture Maps or on several other sites.


          Pre-compose a text layer, add CC Sphere to the Pre-comp and adjust the size to position your text properly and animate the rotation in the Y axis counter clockwise. Set CC Sphere to only render the outside.


          Duplicate the text pre-comp, reduce the light value to about half, set it to render just the inside and place the layer below the earth layer, then fine tune the light to match up.


          If you want extruded text then you will be better off using C4D lite to create everything and do your animation in there. If you do not want to use C4D lite you can simulate extruded text by adding an expression to the radius of the text pre comp's CC sphere effect that goes something like this: value + index


          To the bottom copy use the same expression to automatically adjust the radius of each duplicate by 1 pixel but you'll need to modify the expression to be something like this: value + (index - 21) // assuming your search layer is layer number 20.


          The atmospheric effects and other moves are additional layers and effects. Experiment around a bit. The camera move can be accomplished by simply adding a camera to your comp and adding keyframes for Z position.