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    acrobat shuts down while scrolling

    dougr37049071 Level 1

      On Saturday 2015-05-30, "Acrobat DC" self connected to the interent when I powered on my tablet, (I'm not stupid, I do not stay connected, nor did I direct the device to connect.  I have ALL my "settings" - tablet general & each 'app' set to 'let me know when an update is available, BUT let me decide which ones & when to update'...), anyway, "DC" updated itself & now when I scroll a page on a file that was just fine on Friday, "Acrobat DC" pops up a box that says: "unfortunately Acrobat has stopped working". I cannot view a PDF file for more than a few seconds if I scroll the page.  Now what? Not even google "pushes" updates I do not acknowledge & accept, yet.  My tablet runs 4.4 kitkat. Anyway,...