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    Can I run both After Effects CC & CC 2014 on one machine?


      I recently updated AfterEffects CC to AE CC 2014. I use Cinema4D lite extensively, but I am unable to use the new Cinema4Dlite R16 with AE CC 2014. My question is:

      Should I be able to run both versions of AE and Cineware on one machine?

      And if so, why am I unable to use C4Dlite in CC 2014? (C4D lite opens, but I am unable to select any of the buttons or anything within any menus).


      I recently worked with a client who was running CS6, and I found that to make an AE CC 2014 file compatible with CS6 I needed to export from 2014, then export again from CC, hence the need to run both.


      I really appreciate any help or solutions anyone can offer on this.


      I'm using Windows 8.1

      And my machine specs:

      Intel Core i7-3610QM CPU @2.30GHz

      8.00GB Ram



      Many thanks,