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    Windows 8 deleting SysWOW64\Macromed\Flash

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      This is rather technical, however, I do not have a win8 or 8.1 to test this on so I need some assistance in understanding the answers. ( win8 is horrible even 8.1 is nothing i would ever buy )


      I understand that Adobe recommends to not delete SysWOW64\Macromed\Flash\*.* files, and that MS is responsible for the updates to flash in windows 8 versions and IE10.


      I know that in windows 7 either architecture those files in the windows system folder are re-created by the adobe installer. I also know the NAPI and ActiveX files live in that folder as well as C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash.


      1) Does the adobe installer for ActiveX and NAPI have the ability to write files to that folder?

      2) Where does the NAPI flash files live at?

      3) Does IE any version in win 8 or 8.1 use ActiveX Flash to run or is it some modified flash file needed?

      4) Assuming 3 is true, What would happen if those files are deleted on an win8 or win8.1 and the full msi installers from : Adobe Flash Player Distribution | Adobe are used to install an activeX version, would not the folder structure and files get re-installed/created or are the activeX files unique because MS is being a pain?


      I am trying t clear this up as I am working on an automated process to install the latest versions without causing issues that users can DL and make the process easy and painless. I got it down flawlessly for win7, but need some more info on 8.


      I am not really looking for what is recommended, I am looking for real practical examples and results of deleting the files and re-installing with the msi versions, unless the recommendations have been fully tested 100% Maybe someone who has done this and tried to use the full msi installers and had either success or failure in IE on win 8x working or not?


      Thank You in Advance.

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          maria__ Adobe Employee

          Hi Carm01,


          Microsoft embeds Flash Player in IE on Windows 8.x and above.  As such, they consider the Flash Player ActiveX files to be system files and advise against deleting them, including the \Macromed\Flash directory.  I have heard of a few people delete the ActiveX files and the directory (using some 3rd party unlocker utility to unlock the directory/files, since Microsoft locks these files on Windows 8.x) and the result was that they ended up having to re-install the OS to fix the problem they created.


          For your other questions:

          1 - Since Microsoft embeds Flash Player ActiveX in Windows 8, the standalone Flash Player ActiveX installer (EXE or MSI) does NOT execute on Windows 8.x machine.  NPAPI and PPAPI installer do write to that folder.

          2 - NPAPI and PPAPI files live in the same directory: \Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash.  If 64-bit OS, also live at \Windows\SysWow64\Macromed\Flash.

          3 - All versions of IE on Windows 8.x use the ActiveX player embedded by Microsoft.  The embedded version cannot be deleted and the standalone ActiveX installer will not execute on Windows 8.x systems.

          4 - If you manually delete the ActiveX installer, or the Macromed\Flash directory you'll most likely need to end up re-installing the OS.  None of the ActiveX standalone installers will execute on Windows 8.x.  Microsoft considers the embedded Flash Player ActiveX files to be system files and does not want users deleting them due to the problems it creates when doing so.  This is why Adobe recommends against deleting the ActiveX files and the \Macromed\Flash directory on Windows 8.x.


          Hope this answers your questions.