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    LR 6.0.1 Cannot Display Help


      I recently installed LR 6.0.1 as an update to LR 5.x on both my desktop and laptop (both Win 7 Pro 64 bit).  On my desktop, when trying to access Help in LR, I get the Cannot Display Help error message.  Coincidentally, I get an error message in all of my CS6 applications when trying to access help on the laptop.  Obviously these are related.  When accessing Help from either LR or one of the CS6 applications on my laptop, Online Help is access with no trouble.  This issue used to be dealt with in Adobe Help manager, but that appears to have been done away with.  Can you assist in bringing back access to either Online or Local Help (PDF) in LR6 and my CS6 applications on my desktop?





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          I am having the same problem with my desktop system. In Lightroom I get the "Cannot Display Help" message. In Photoshop I get "There was an error launching the default browser. You may need to re-stall the application and the Help component". What is the status of the fix on this issue?

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            rglindmeier Level 1

            I found the solution on my own.  Here it is:  Click the Start Menu, then All Programs.  Near the top of the list, you should find an application titled Adobe Help.  Click this and Adobe Help manager will open.  If for some reason you don't have a shortcut for Adobe Help pinned to the Start Menu, you can find the executable at C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Help\Adobe Help.exe.  Once Adobe help is opened, click General Settings on the left of the window.  Under "Display Local Help Content only:", select No.  Exit and you're done.  This tells Adobe applications not to look for local offline help (such as pdf files on your hard drive, and instead go to the help website.



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              Cookiemonster Level 1

              Hi Russ,


              Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately it does not seem to work for me. I've

              got both LR CC and PS CC on my machine, and don't have an "Adobe Help.exe"

              file. I looked in the Start Menu as you suggested, under "All programs" and

              in addition to LR and PS CC2014, there was one for Creative Cloud, but

              nothing for "Adobe Help". I even searched my hard drive for an "Adobe

              Help.exe" file to no avail. I've become increasing upset with Adobe's

              apparent lack of interest on this issue.




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                rglindmeier Level 1

                I don't have an CC apps on my computer.  LR and the CS6 apps are all stand-alone apps.  That must be the difference.  Sorry my fix didn't work for you.