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    How do I select everything on a layer, and ONLY that layer


      So basically im creating a character, with each body part on its own layer. Problem is, when im trying to animate him for example walking, when I go to move the differnt body parts, I have to click each part within the body part separetly to move it. For example, I have a red leg with a black outline, I have to separetly select both the red leg AND the outline. It makes it very tedious to select every part of the leg.


      Is there like a "select all" button to select everything on the layer, but ONLY on that layer? Even when im clicked in on the "leg layer" if I try to select everything by making a box around it, I end up selecting other parts of the body that are on different layers too. I just want to be able to select everything on a single layer, without accidently selecting things on other layers. Really appreciate any help, I'm just learning. Thanks