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    lightroom import from iphone 6 no longer


      I have the latest version of Lightroom CC and when I got my iPhone 6 in March the importing of photos and videos has been seamless. I do all the imports manually and other than waiting for my computer to recognize my phone it worked well until May 18, 2015.

      - - -

      I have Windows 7 64-bit

      I do not have any major changes to my set-up since the import for the phone was working. Importing from a card reader and memory card from a camera still works just fine. I have worked to get my photos from my phone using some workarounds into LR; but this is not acceptable for the long run.


      my iPhone is running iOS 8.3 and I have rebooted it several times since these issues

      - - -


      Procedure that I used in the past:

      I plug my phone into the USB cable attached to my computer, approve the 'trust' box that pops up on my iPhone 6. Then wait for the phone folder icon to appear in the explorer window.

      Then I select the import button and select the phone to import from - after awhile I get a window that indicates that photoshop lightroom has stopped responding.


      Any reference to a current thread that addresses this problem would be appreciated -




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          I also have the same issue.  I have recently moved from Aperture to Lightroom 6 (with the sad end of life of Aperture) and have been struggling with the concept of folders and collections (can you manually sort collections in a set?) I was able to import photos from my iPhone 6 until the 8.3 upgrade - now photos taken after the upgrade are not displayed and I have to go through a complex process using image capture to take them from the iPhone to a local folder on my Mac and then import into a folder in lightroom and then add to a collection......

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            koitsenko Level 1

            I'm seeing the same issues. Everything just worked with Lightroom 5. Anyone seeing a work around or a fix?

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              tawnabrown Level 1

              I have a similar problem! I have an iPhone 5S, using LR 5.7, and have been regularly importing photos from my phone during my round-the-world journey.... last one was about about 6 days ago and everything was fine. Now I go to plug in the phone, and the phone doesn't even register on the sources panel....  it must be a glitch with apple? or LR? No idea.... but I must get the pictures off the phone, and I can't even do that with iPhoto as a back up plan!



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                kkawagoe Level 1

                I had fixed a similar problem with my iPhone 6+.  I have windows 7 64-bit. 


                1. Open "Devices and Printers" (if I click the start button it is a menu item on the far right.)

                2. Locate "Apple iPhone" and right click on the icon

                3. Select troubleshoot

                (At this point, my computer let me know that there was a problem with the device driver. (duh))

                4. Apply the fix.


                After that, I was able to find my iphone in the import dialog window for Lightroom.


                Hope that helps!

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                  I'm having the same issue: after I upgraded to Lightroom 6, my iMac (iOS 10.11) doesn't list my pictures from my iPhone 6 nor my wife's iPhone 5C.

                  Tried some workarounds like manually deleting some settings, a solution mentioned on a thread here. It worked, but the problem came back when I started Lightroom again.

                  Please fix this Adobe!

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                    I've a same problem

                    lightrrom cc do not let me import photos from my iphone6+

                    lightroom try to read photos but it does not show me nothing to import ( there are more then 9000 photos on the device)

                    I've a iMAC with  OS X EL CAPITAN 10.11.1  and an iPhone 6 + with last iOS 9.1


                    what can i do?

                    how i can fix this problem in lightroom cc ?

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                      markostanley Level 1

                      Had a similar problem. Tried a different cable and it worked. Cheap non

                      apple cables can cause this issue.


                      On Sunday 29 November 2015, giovannideangelis <forums_noreply@adobe.com>

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                        koitsenko Level 1

                        I use only Apple cables but I'm still having this same issue. I have had this issue with both iPhone 5s and 6+ connecting to a Macbook Pro (late 2013).


                        Incredibly frustrating and there seems to be no fix. I wonder if there isn't something with the Lightroom Mobile that interferes with a direct import?

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                          Bernd Angerer Level 1

                          Same issue here with iphone6 and lightroom cc

                          it's terribly frustrating.

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                            Leana Shlesinger Level 1

                            Hi,  thanks for the suggestion to use a different cable! After a month of frustration it finally worked...Based on your suggestion I tried a different cable.


                            My cables are all apple cables so I'm not sure why one would work and another not?

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                              Patricia L. Walker Level 1

                              I've got the same latest MAC updates and iOS updates and Lightroom doesn't recognize any device - iPhone 6 or Oly camera TG4.  ...not happy...

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                                koitsenko Level 1

                                I made some progress this weekend. I wasn't able to import directly from my iPhone, though I can from my Canon EOS camera...


                                I used Image Capture on my Mac to import my iPhone photos and videos to a directory on the hard drive. At this point I was still unable to import from that directory - until! - I moved the videos (.mp4 and .MOV) files to a different location. Then Lightroom happily imported my iPhone photos. Maybe this is the same issue you are dealing with?


                                I don't have a solution for importing video yet. I've tried quite a few options including uninstall and reinstall, creating a new catalogue, uninstalling Divx software. No joy yet.




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                                  Patricia L. Walker Level 1

                                  Glad you made some progress. I had tried Lightroom when all else failed with importing my pics through Photoshop > Bridge's "Photo Downloader", which allows me to create subfolder by date shot of photos, whether on any of my Olympus cameras or my iPhone. Photo Downloader hasn't been importing my iPhone pics for a while now since I updated the iOS to 9. But it downloaded my Oly cameras pics still until the El Capitan update I did just a few days ago. (I waited all these months, thinking it was safe to do the upgrade to El Capitan.) So, I gave Lightroom a try...Now none of the Adobe products recognize any of my devices when plugged in.  Not happy.  So, I do appreciate your reply here and may give your workaround a try. Otherwise, I may just use Image Capture to import selected pics into a folder from which I select the photos by dates shot and then append my Metadata via Bridge and do a batch rename and move such groups of photos by date into subfolders labeled by date - which is my initial preference for cataloging my work. We get set in our ways, I guess, and when software updates mess that up, it gets so frustrating to reinvent what we do!!  Thanks, Shawn!    

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                                    This is total garbage.  I had no issues importing pics into Lightroom with my iPhone6.  Now it only shows me a subset of pictures, and I have to waste my time figuring out how to do this. 


                                    Some at Adobe needs to read this and provide guidance. 

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                                      rcasenhiser Level 1

                                      I'm having the same issue with an iphone 6s+ and an iphone 5s.  Neither one shows up as available to import photo's from.  I've tried this with 3 cables included the brand new, unused cable that came with my iphone 6s+.  Both devices show up normally in iTunes.  Not sure what is going on here.  Connecting to a new 27" iMac.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. The devices do not show up in Image Capture either...



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                                        koitsenko Level 1

                                        That sounds like an issue with the iPhone or the iMac, not Adobe Lightroom. I'd start by seeing if you have the latest updates for both devices and then hit the Apple specific forms from there.

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                                          rcasenhiser Level 1

                                          I have a quick update for this... In further exploring this issue, I discovered that my iPhone was visible in iTunes and would sync and backup normally.  However, in addition to not showing up in Lightroom, it was also not showing up as a device in Image Capture and Photos.  This prompted me to call Apple support.  After some quick verification of the problem and general agreement that this was extremely odd, we tried moving the USB cable to a different USB Port on the Computer, and that fixed everything.  After closing Lightroom, Image Capture and Photo's and then reopening them, the iPhone 6s+ was visible as device and I was able to import normally.   This also fixed the issue with my wife's iPhone 5s.


                                          The whole thing still makes no sense to me and seems like a very odd problem, but I'm happy to be able to import again into Lightroom.

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                                            Okay this worked for me. Open your computer. Plug in your iPhone. Then open Lightroom. Then hit "import". Hopes this helps.

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                                              koitsenko Level 1

                                              Baxter87045963 - that's the problem. It isn't working for many.


                                              The photo import seems to be working again direct without having to use image capture. I'm not able to import videos however.

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                                                I am having problems with flaky iPhone imports as well and am very frustrated.  Here are some details


                                                • iPhone 6s & iMac & Lightroom all running latest software
                                                • I usually need to go File -> Import Photos and Video to pull up the import window
                                                • The only fancy import option I select is "don't import suspected duplicates" and I am importing to an external harddrvie
                                                • I hit import, and maybe a few files upload and then the import just hangs.
                                                • Once I give up on the hang (after waiting several hours with no progress), I select the "close" on the progress window and I can go back and use LR but the File->Import Photos and Video AND Import to another Catalog options are grayed out PLUS a "current Import" persists under the Catalog drop down which insists it's "Importing files..." and I have to reboot LR to try again.
                                                • Here's what seems to happen at the hang.  A few photos or movies are uploaded until it stops.  Then a folder is generated in the destination directory called something like "Temporary Folder C26B2F25-DF7C-4305-ADE4-727C3A8F1CEA" (each time the long list of random characters is different) and a file is in that temp directory that seems to be the bad egg.  In one case, I had the same 20 Mbyte QT movie in the folder each time I got the hang.  The next time I unselected that movie, restarted import, and LR imported 5 photos then hung on the next movie.


                                                You could say, don't import the  movies, but I don't know how to turn off just movie import and don't have time to manually deselect all of the *.mov files.


                                                I might also add, that I've also had instances where LR says "import complete" and there are some movies imported too BUT NOT ALL OF THE IMAGES WERE IMPORTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                                                Very frustrated.

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                                                  HighContent Level 1

                                                  I continued to troubleshoot and found that I was logged out of Adobe Cloud and thus was NOT getting update alerts and not running the latest Lightroom.  I updated the software on Mar 8, 2016 to the 2015.4 release and tried again.  I started with a new catalog and uploaded to the harddrive.  My iPhone had 9733 images/videos on it and they were all uploaded, even the bad seeds from last time.


                                                  During the import, I went to the destination folder in Finder and saw many TEMPORARY folders being created and then disappearing.  There were up to 20 at a time coming and going.  However, the one created in the last failed/hung import with the old version was still there, but I couldn't find it in LR so I deleted it in finder (after confirming the file itself had been uploaded to the right path).


                                                  So advice, update your software!


                                                  A second strange thing though.  After the import, I thought I'd try to import again with "ignore duplicates" selected hoping there should be no new files, and it found 200 more images that LR said were "new" but they are clearly copies and now I have 2 copies of some images.  My third attempt to import showed no new files.  Always something new...

                                                  • 22. Re: lightroom import from iphone 6 no longer

                                                    Agreed.  I am still having this problem.  All apple cables, plugged in directly to computer, used to work, but doesn't.  Sometimes it will display the photos in import view from iPhone.  Sometimes I am able to select and start an import, but it will never complete.  Sometimes it just hangs.  Sometimes, I get an error "The following files were not imported because they could not be read. (1308)"  But this is all sporadic and inconsistent. This is immensely frustrating and affecting my relationship with Lightroom.

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                                                      aaardvarkkk Level 1

                                                      Wow... this solved it for me. If I plug the cable into the right USB port of my Macbook Pro Lightroom can't see the iPhone. If I plug the cable into the LEFT USB port of my Macbook Pro everything works as expected. At least it kind of works? This is... pretty pathetic. The iPhone works just fine through iTunes no matter which port it's in. Ugh.

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                                                        Cybershield Level 1

                                                        Very helpful! Been working in IT for so many years at all levels from ISPs, Help Desk, Sys Admin and now InfoSec, and I tell you this was annoying me. You helped greatly. I have way too many open apps running and unsaved work with virtual computers all running the background, didn't want to reboot. Unplugging and restarting the app didn't help. In Device and Printers I found a prob with the driver. Attempting to run "Troubleshoot" didn't fix it but you pointed me to the right location. There are two devices, "Apple Mobile Device USB Driver" and "Apple iPhone". One had the yellow exclamation and I thought I could click the "Troubleshoot" and it would fix it.


                                                        What fixed it was simply deleting the problem driver, then reconnect my iPhone. Because drivers are built into Windows, it simply reinstalled the device and now I can sync my iPhone photos again.


                                                        Thank you.

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                                                          Cybershield Level 1

                                                          It could be a different USB bus? Since there are versions 1, 2, and now USB 3, they are not all on the same hardware (control channels? and firmware?). One USB port can get a bit zapped from a connection and the PC will shut down that port for safety of the laptop/computer.


                                                          In Device Manager, you can view all your USB Controllers, and remove any devices or "rescan" for new devices as well. Some USB ports are higher powered "fast charging" USB ports, i have a few on my PC and had to reconnect a few times to the variety of USB ports I have when something weird happened.

                                                          • 26. Re: lightroom import from iphone 6 no longer
                                                            AdvanceHD Level 1

                                                            This seemed to fix it for me. In Win 10 I went to 'Settings' and then clicked on 'Apple Mobile Device USB Driver' and chose to remove device. then I unplugged my iPhone and re-plugged it. Then it reinstalled the driver and everything seems normal... for now anyway

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                                                              My problem seams to be the same. Lightroom is not imprting media from my iPhoneSE.


                                                              I can accass the iPhone from Windows Explorer and the Windows Import client will import the media without any problems. But not lightroom.


                                                              I already changed the cable and the port, but this seam not to be the Problem since it is working with Windows.


                                                              What is adobe telling regarding this issue?


                                                              Best regards



                                                              (Windows 7, iPhoneSE, Lightroom CC 2015.6)

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                                                                Mustti Level 1

                                                                As a workaround to this issue, you will have to connect your iPhone after you opened the import dialog. Not before. This worked for me.

                                                                It seems that for some reason El Capitan might be blocking the access to the phone by Lr and when you plug the phone after Lr is expecting to tell from where to import, the phone becomes accesible.


                                                                At least after a long support session with the Adobe team I manage to find that. Just be sure your USB it's a 3.0 port. That is why sometimes you have to change the port or the cable.


                                                                I have a Macbook pro Retina late 2015 running El Capitan OS latest release at the time. An iPhone 6s+ running the Latest IOS and Lightroom CC latest update.


                                                                So, open the import dialog on Lr before plugin you phone.


                                                                The person on the tech team assistance said he will notify and the new release will be coming shortly.


                                                                Hope it works for you guys like it did for me!!



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                                                                  Last week I was able to import from my iPhone 6 plus. Today, LR sees the phone, opens the pictures, and then ejects the phone.

                                                                  what is going on???

                                                                  • 30. Re: lightroom import from iphone 6 no longer
                                                                    zoomlady Level 1

                                                                    Yes that worked for me thanks!


                                                                    Also for anyone reading this - to avoid getting a lot of empty thumbnails in the import dialog you need to temporarily turn off the wireless on your phone. This may have already been fixed but I thought worth mentioning...

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                                                                      Patrick2P2 Level 1

                                                                      No, this doesn´t work with me. I still have the some issue.


                                                                      What is Adobe doing regarding this issue?

                                                                      • 32. Re: lightroom import from iphone 6 no longer

                                                                        If I had a dollar for every time I had to force quit Lightroom I'd be able to pay someone to fix this....


                                                                        Same thing as a lot of the above users:


                                                                        Macbook pro

                                                                        Lightroom CC (latest)

                                                                        iPhone 6

                                                                        Import to external drive.


                                                                        Hangs.... Every time.


                                                                        Worth noting that it hangs at different stages of the import and behaviours change. Sometimes it shows me the pics on the phone, sometimes it can't generate previews, sometimes it doesn't even get that far. Sometimes it gets to import but then hangs there and nothing actually imports. Almost always it causes a app memory error.

                                                                        • 33. Re: lightroom import from iphone 6 no longer

                                                                          I took all the videos off my phone (a pain because I had wanted to store a few there), but as soon as i did that i could upload all my photos. What a weird glitch!

                                                                          • 34. Re: lightroom import from iphone 6 no longer

                                                                            I'm having the same issue.  I do not want to abandon Lightroom.  Please, please, please, fix this!


                                                                            Macbook Pro

                                                                            Iphone 6

                                                                            Lightroom CC


                                                                            All updated. 


                                                                            Still no sign of IPhone in Lightroom. 

                                                                            • 35. Re: lightroom import from iphone 6 no longer

                                                                              I am using Lightroom 5, not CC. I thought that if I upgraded to LR 6 I'd be better off...but according to the posts here, maybe not?

                                                                              In my case I can import photos from my iPhone 6 to my desktop iMac using Lightroom but not to my new Macbook Pro. This leads me to believe the problem is with the laptop, not with LR or iPhone. Thoughts?

                                                                              • 36. Re: lightroom import from iphone 6 no longer

                                                                                I don't know how to fix the import, but I figured out a workaround for Mac.  Use the Apple Photos app to import all the photos from your phone to your computer.  Then open Lightroom and import them from the Photos Library to your Lightroom Library.  The only problem is that you cannot immediately find the folder where all your photos live.  This can be solved by creating a symlink to the Masters directory within the Photos Library.  You can do this with your Terminal app.  Launch the Terminal app, and type the following at the command line:


                                                                                ln -s ~/Pictures/Photos\ Library.photoslibrary/Masters ~/Pictures/Photos\ Library\ Masters


                                                                                This creates a folder within your Pictures directory that links to the master copies folder within your Photos library.  Now you can launch Lightroom, and do a photo import.  On the left panel, choose the Pictures/Photos Library Masters folder.  On the right side, choose the folder you would like to import to, as usual.


                                                                                I hope this is helpful.

                                                                                • 37. Re: lightroom import from iphone 6 no longer

                                                                                  I'm having the same issues


                                                                                  iPhone 6, latest versions of LR and Yosemite, but lots of errors when importing from iPhone straight into Lightroom - there are files that aren't recognized or left out during import


                                                                                  I can imagine a few possible workarounds


                                                                                  1. Import to Photos - then export from Photos to Lightroom. Then delete uploaded photos from Photos.

                                                                                  2. Import to Mac using Image Capture then import using Lightroom.

                                                                                  3. Take pictures using Lightroom Mobile in the first place


                                                                                  One of the things I'd love to do would be to have a foolproof workflow that also tracks what I've already imported, so that I don't have to manually keep track or re-import old duplicate photos


                                                                                  Does anyone have any thoughts or observations on those options in terms of reliability, etc.?

                                                                                  • 38. Re: lightroom import from iphone 6 no longer
                                                                                    barbarasaustin Level 1

                                                                                    Last week I had no problem importing from my iphone 6s to LR. Tonight, it refused to recognize my phone, no matter what I did. I have had issues before and had followed some of the previous suggestions with successful results - using a new cable, restarting my computer and/or phone, etc. Tonight, nothing worked. I finally ended up discovering image capture in my applications (I'm on a Mac which I just updated to El Capitan) and was able to download my photos to my pictures folder, then upload them into Lightroom.


                                                                                    This is crazy! I hope Adobe or Apple or whoever gets these kinks worked out! Something that should take 5 minutes ended up taking me several hours.  I'm so grateful to all of you for your suggestions!

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                                                                                      MikeDiakuw Level 1

                                                                                      LR was telling me that there were no photos to import from my iPhone SE (when it had previously worked without a hitch).


                                                                                      1. Opened Photos on my MacBook Air and tried to import.
                                                                                      2. A dialogue told me that my computer had not been granted access to my iPhone. Must have been on iOS 10 upgrade?!?
                                                                                      3. Unlocking my phone (while plugged in to USB), photos began to appear in the import screen for Photos.
                                                                                      4. Closed Photos and tried importing into LR again and it worked.
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