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    Lightroom freezes on import if a video file is present in the folder/card

    Allen Rockwell

      So, here is the scenario.


      I go to File, Import and select the folder (or card) containing the files I'd like to import and if there happens to be a video file in that folder Lightroom will sit forever seeming to do nothing at all, not even generating thumbnails.  Eventually I can click "uncheck all" and then selectively check the actual image files (not video) that I would actually like to import and then start the import ... but them I see the "move and import photos" status bar at the top and it sits forever at somewhere around 15% or so.


      This seems to always happen when there there is a video file present.  I never import videos ,,, but if they exist where other files are that I am importing, it seems to confuse Lightroom.


      Eventually I'll quite Lightroom and get a message that says "no images or videos were found to import"


      If I move the file(s) to a folder that does not contain any video files, everything works as normal.  So it seems that Lightroom is having a panic attack when it sees a video file ... even if I intend to do nothing with it.


      Anyone else experiencing this madness?



      Mac OSX Latest version
      iMac, about 4 months old
      Latest version of Lightroom CC