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    Loops are buggy in Acrobat... or is it just me?


      I've had a few issues with loops while working in Acrobat. Is it just me?


      My current issue is that when my loop is in the code for a button, the code after the loop doesn't work. When I comment it out it's just fine except I need the output from the loop.


      Here is my loop:

      I have 88 text fields pap1, pap2, pap3... pap88.

      Often there is no input until "pap40", sometimes there is input in "pap1".

      I want the first input value "papStart" and the last "papEnd" when I press the button.


      var papStart =0,
           papEnd = 0;
      for (var papRow = 1; papRow < 88; papRow += 1) {
          if (this.getField("pap" + papRow).value > 1){
          var papValue = this.getField("pap" + papRow).value;
              papEnd = papValue;
              if (papStart === 0) {
                  papStart = papValue;


      When I run this in the debugger I get this error:

      TypeError: this.getField("pap" + papRow) is null


      Thank you for your help with this. It's driving me CRAZY. I've tried a few different things.