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    Printing panorama on roll paper


      Configuration: iMac 2014, Yosemite 10.10.3, Lightroom 6.0.1, Printer Epson R3000, Epson 13" paper roll installed and working

      Using Lightroom 6 new panorama feature, I have created a nice panorama size 24542px X 3435px.

      I would like to print this panorama on roll paper 13" height  , length about 95"

      Lots of test and try and no success !

      I have tried using "User defined" paper size Page set to 13"X95" with cell size set to same measurements: it comes out fine on screen but when printing it prints a tiny panorama on a single A3+ page

      or small middle portion of the panorama full height if ticking enlarge to full paper size in Paper handling menu in print Setup

      Anybody any ideas why ? and how to make it work ?

      Thanks for help.