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    No preview pictures shown when trying to import new images, no import possible at all




      I am running Lightroom 5.7.1 on a "Late 2012 iMac" with Yosemite OS X.

      I installed Yosemite first and then Lightroom 5.


      After I have encountered the problem first (No preview pictures shown in the import module when trying to import new images, the center part of the display remains black, now shaded previews, nothing, no import possible at all), I tried out all possible changes to checkboxes and Preference Settings.


      After having read dozens of Internet Forum articles about very similar issues many other users seemed to have, I even deleted all Preference setting files in the OS X Finder (a recommendation that was said to be successful), however, the Problem remains.


      Also I completely deleted the Software entirely from my iMac (including all System and setting files), downloaded from Adobe the most recent release (5.7.1), re-booted the System, installed Lightroom new, even re-booted again, NO SUCCESS!


      What could I do? As I cannot work with Lightroom at all, I would be very happy to get any help on this issue.

      Best regards,