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    Transferring "Picture" Adjustments Between VideoClips


      Hello Community


      Concerns: Premiere Elements 12


      If I have a project with various clips in my time line and wish to transfer the adjustments (colour, tone, gamma, brightness, contrast, etc.) from one clip to another - how can I do that? Instead of adjusting every clip one by one, I am looking for an easy way to transfer the settings to other clips. I am aware of the fact that this works with effects and I also know that I could use an effects track affecting the whole clip - but I am specifically looking for a solution regarding the adjustments only (i.e. picture quality seetings).


      Sometimes, I cut a clip into various portions only to find out later that I would like to adjust the picture quality. Instead of one source file, however, I have now various clips in front of me and therefore, I have to apply the same indentical adjustments to various clips (there is no "one source file" anymore)


      Does somebody know how to do that? Any help is well appreciated.

      Thank you and regards /abel