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    Why not allow vector-format signature image?

    gunnarlinn Level 1

      Trying to sign a PDF file with a signature image. Am very surprised to see that only raster-format image files are allowed. Vector files were OK in previous versions, why not now?

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          Anubha Goel Adobe Employee

          Hey gunnarlinn,


          Could you please let me know what version of Acrobat you are using.

          What exactly happens when you try to use vector type signature image in your PDF?

          If possible, please share the signature image (via email) with me so that I can check at my end.

          I have sent you a private message with my contact ID details.


          Hope to get your response.




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            gunnarlinn Level 1

            Hi. Thanks for your reply. I'm on Acrobat DC version 2015.007.20033 which should be the last version, I guess, since I'm on a CC subscription.


            I can't reproduce the issue now, since I've created a signature using a Wacom board. Before I had created that signature, I had the option to add a signature from an image file, but when I browsed to the PDF signature file I have been using for a few years with previous versions of Acrobat, it wasn't selectable. The same with all other PDF (vector) files. Moreover, the dialogue box clearly stated which file formats were OK, and those were the ordinary raster formats, no vector formats allowed at all.


            I guess this should be quite easy for you to reproduce, but not for me, since it obviously would require me to remove the Wacom signature, and I don't want to do that since I don't really have the time to go through that procedure again.