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    Some questions about Photoshop Sketch for iPad




      I am thinking about buying one iPad to use Photoshop sketch, since its compatible later with Photoshop on my desktop, but I have few questions that I hope someone here knows


      1) Do we have layers? If yes there is a maximum number that we can add?
      2) Do we have maximum number of pixeis?(Canvas size)
      3) Can we use color picker?


      I was thinking about surface pro 3, but a good one will be very expensive, so I came to this alternative! My goal is to draw on my tablet and then if I want, be able to finish it on my computer, but I will need the basic features of Photoshop on my iPad. Thank you for your replies.



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          floramc Adobe Community Professional

          hI Tiago!


          going on the short answer


          1) no, sketch has no layer. Draw which is a similar app has layers. Both send to photoshop

          2) for Sketch the canvas size are the pixel dimensions of the iPad (2048x1536) when you do a Send to Photoshop

          3) yes we can


          my penny. Download both: Photoshop sketch, Illustrator draw. While at: Photoshop mix and brush. You will use them all