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    'Too many IDATs found' error when rendering?

    Sebastian676 Level 1

      Someone already asked about this, but this is the second time it happens to me, so maybe this is due to the cache?
      I was rendering a 4K Png sequence with the shine effect based on a simple sphere mask, it worked well when i was creating and animating it, but after the middle of the render (like, 1226 of 4000 frames, 60fps) it failed, still, before that, it failed at 1226 frames too, i deleted the Cache, re-started the computer, and tried again, after that i wasn't able to re-start the render because i had other things to do so i wasn't aware, but still, if i try to continue from the frame 1226, the error keeps appearing...


      What Can i do about this one? I'm really worried since it's an error on the render even thought the animation and layers are working on the composition..