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    Watch Folder question

    patpai Level 1

      good day everyone,


      I set up a watch folder about 1 year ago that worked just great and fast.

      Recently, last 3 weeks, i've noticed now that when i dump a file in that watched folder, it takes the process minutes to process the file.


      It used to take no more then 5 seconds, after the file was dropped into that folder, to be processed and moved out of there and into the result folder.


      Now that seams to take a few minutes, but yet, i haven't modified anything within my workbench process.

      Can this be slowed down, so-to-speak, by an outside force, what i mean is that could the admin of the live-cycle server (not me) able to slow this down from is end?

      Anything i can check on my side to try to get that speed back?


      Thank you so much,