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    3 level inheritance

    furious70 Level 1
      A question that wouldn't come up if I had designed an existing system correctly, but too late now:

      I have 2 cfcs today, one is a subset of the other but I didn't design it w/ inheritance as I should have. Now we're essentially adding a layer of complexity ontop of the whole system, so I want to extend several cfc's to cover this. To simplify the new app, I'd like to just extend the 'bigger' of the 2 cfcs that exist today. In doing that, I would create the new subset cfc off the old full set, and then extend the new full set off that new subset. BUT, to really lock everything down I would want to override some data members and functions at the subset (L2) level. That's fine and dandy, but at L3, is there anyway to access the definitions for the functions at L1?
      It would look like this:

      L1 base class exists today with 100% content

      L2 proposed extension of L1 with 80% L1 content, rest overrode, plus it's own new content

      L3 proposed extension of L2 BUT need L1's 100% content plus 100% L2's content plus it's own new content

      If there is no way to access the L1 definition in L3 if I overrode it in L2, then I'll have to extend both existing classes or live with extra data members and functions in L2.
      Any thoughts?