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    photoshop touch not opening


      i installed ps touch on my KOBO arc 7HD tablet last jan and have used it successefully until very recently, I now can't even open it !!

      I know Adobe have just discontinued ps touch but surely i should still be able to use it ???

      my work is still on my tablet in the gallery but i can't do anything with it

      please Adobe sort this out !! i know it only cost £ 6.99 and my order no is 1299976316905470558.1380524169613659 on 05 jan 2014 but i thought i would get more use out of it than this

      i've tried down loading again but it says app already installed.

      any thoughts ADOBE ???



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          Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

          Please say you exported your projects to at least Creative Cloud. I'm always trying to get people in the habit of backing up projects just for a case like this.


          Any storage space left on the Kobo?


          You should be able to re-download PS Touch at any time with the Google account it was bought under. It's just new users that won't be able to see and purchase PS Touch anymore.