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    Some recommendations for this effect please


      Hi, i'm just looking for simple advices on doing a very geeky effect. As part of an "auto training" thing im doing, i've decided to recreate Ryu's Hadouken from this Street Fighter anime. It is in this video




      Now I know it looks kinda simple but here's what i'm trying:


      - I'm gonna play with the particles in AE. Don't know if Trapcode particular o particles system or world.  I know that playing with the settings i can get something that looks similar to the video. But i never knew how to make the particles implode instead of explode from the center. The first thing that comes to my mind is to animate it as i want, pre compose it and then apply time reverse, but maybe there is an easier way.

      - The movement of the arms could be achieved using a echo effect and/or time displacement with some motion blur.

      - Use advance lighting and modifying it's color to add more intensity to the whole thing.

      - The energy ball at the end looks easy if it's in anime form, but if i want to recreate it in live action, i need to make more volume for it. Maybe use CC sphere for a composition that has white solids with texture and some fractal noise. I think there is a tutorial in video copilot where you can create a sun or fire planet. Maybe taking some details from it could help.

      - I'm also using levels to add more contrast and masking some parts of the original footage with add or screen as a blending mode to make some small flashes on the face and arms.


      That is what i'm thinking to do in AE that comes at the top of my head. i'm considering the fact that it's gonna be well lit and have a lot of shots to combine on Premiere before opening AE


      Any extra help or a dive would be much appreciated.

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          Particular has a radial force field that allows negative values, though it may be hard to control and animating the values could be fiddly. Also, this being a comic, the particles are probably just a bunch of point clusters animated with some different rotation values and then scaled together. The rest sounds okay, but you better start shooting your footage first before worrying about the finer details. Just make sure to have some on-set light to simulate the lightnings and the burst flash. just using blending modes won't make it look real enough...