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    Question on license for stand alone LR6 upgrade, mine says Creative Cloud


      I purchased the stand alone upgrade version of LR 6 about a month ago, I had to call in and talk to a sales associate to figure out how to do it. She was very nice and helpful and I explained that I had tried the subscription CC back in January and after 2 weeks decided it wasn't for me and cancelled it and got a refund of my money. She said no problem and that I could just upgrade with a stand alone version and that I was not now on the CC subscription plan as far as she could tell. She took my credit card info and sent me the link for the download.


      Now that I have had it a month I noticed when looking at the System Info that under Lightroom Version: CC2015.0.1 (1018573) it says License: Creative Cloud. That doesn't seem right. I thought it would say Perpetual or something like that.


      I also noticed that if I click on Manage My Account and it takes me to the login and then the Account page it says under Plans and Products, Creative Cloud Photography plan (one-year).

      I'm beginning to wonder if they still think I am on a CC plan.