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    Where are these Bookmarks coming from?! They're growing like weeds, and I don't think I added a single one! -- InDesign CC


      Issue: Bookmarks


      My typical workflow for a text-heavy project involves several (or many) cycles of exporting sections of text with tags; editing in TextWrangler; reimporting the revised tagged text, etc. I've done it this way for many years without trouble.


      In a recent troublesome case, I would open a section exported as tagged text for revision and find many many lines (100s) of Bookmark codes at the end of the file. After making the necessary revisions to the file, I would delete these BMs before loading the text back into the layout. The next time I would export and edit this section as tagged text there would be even more Bookmark codes at the end! Where are these coming from? Yikes!


      Needless to say, with this many Bookmarks cropping up in the file, there was no way to open the Bookmarks panel to delete them; clicking on the panel even froze ID requiring reboot...


      Investigation of bad document (28.5 Mb) led to a solution, but I need to learn where this problem is coming from...

      - I exported tagged text from every section of the problem file

      - I edited every text file to remove the Bookmark codes at the end

      - I made a brand new template file; no graphics and no text

      - I imported every cleaned-up tagged text file into this new layout

      - I saved and closed (4.5 Mb)


      This file seems to open, close, and perform as expected! What I couldn't get to happen at a critical point in the schedule was to do this clean-up to the master layout....