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    Seria Number




      I dont know my serial number and I have lost it.  I just got a new computer and I do not want to buy it again.  Can you guys some how look it up. I can't remember if I bought it online or in a store.  I just got a new macbook pro and it is asking for my serial number.  Never really thought I would need that again but I guess I did.  I through away that number.  Since I DID buy it I assume you have it in you guy's system.  It should be Rebecca Rogers or Becca Rogers.  This is very URGENT.  I also logged into my account to see if it was in there to show me if I bought it online but nothing showed up that I did. 





      Becca Rogers

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          We can't look it up, we're just users here, not Adobe employees.


          You can look it up by logging in to your Adobe account as explained here: Find your serial number quickly


          If it isn't there, you need to contact Adobe directly.


          In the future, you might want to make a backup copy of all of your serial numbers, and store it in multiple places (for example, in "the cloud" in a file named serial numbers.txt) so that even if one computer crashes, you can still get to it with another computer.