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    Lightroom 6 is so increadibly slow now!


      I have a Nikon D7200, shoot raw, and normally convert to dng during import. This weekend I shot a cycling event and had 2000 images to import--ny first big job with LR6. Converting to dng and creating 1:1 previews took around 18 hours!! This is ridiculous. I am now trying to move some of the images into a sub-folder and even moving a few files is a painfully slow process. These issues make LR6 almost unusable for larger shoots.


      My machine is Windows 7, i5 processor, 16GM ram, and images, catalog and OS are all on SSD drives.


      Any ideas Adobe?

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          dj_paige Level 10

          Any ideas Adobe?

          Just so we're clear, the people who reply in this forum are not Adobe employees, we're just Lightroom users. You won't get a reply from Adobe here.


          With regards to your problem, try turning off the face recognition in LR6, and also try turning off the GPU acceleration (although I don't see how that matters with regards to import).


          Lightroom 6 does something different when converting to DNG on import, compared to LR5, and from what I have read, it makes the import process take longer. So another speed up mechanism is to NOT convert to DNG. Yeah I know, there are a gazillion reasons why converting to DNG is better than leaving the photos as RAW, and there are another gazillion PLUS ONE reasons why leaving the photo as RAW is better than converting to DNG, and I don't want to get into that debate. The "PLUS ONE" reason you would leave the photos as RAW is that it is apparently much faster in LR 6 than converting to DNG.