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    Search string Robohelp Flash edition

      I’m looking for a search string in order to build a toolbar with a searchfield corresponding to a Robohelp Flash project on a webserver.

      In other words: The result must ben in the Robohelp Flash enviorment itself, only the request needs to come from another location or domain.

      That’s what I call a challenge! Can U help me?
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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi Eerenbeemt and welcome to our community

          Personally, I'll be flabbergasted if anyone provides an answer.

          Why? (I knew you were wondering)

          FlashHelp is a weird beast. All the components that make the navigation (including the search) are created using Flash. So in order to change any aspect of that, you require something that is pretty rare. A person that understands both RoboHelp and Flash. Any customization would need to occur with the Flash elements.

          Cheers... Rick