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    Managing document protection with API.

    bubbas79522567 Level 1

      We are doing an integration using the API but have hit a wall with document protection due to the following issues:


      1. We cannot see a way to protect the document after it is signed without requiring a password for ALL, both external and internal users. This means we cannot protect the document outside our account without protecting it also against authenticated users. This make managing documents very inconvenient for authenticated users (having to know passwords for each document).

      2. We cannot see a way to prevent the document link from being sent, insecurely, to the external users via email after it is signed/completed. This means we cannot protect the signed document by simply keeping it behind our authentication firewall.

      3. We cannot see a way to pass the openPassword in an API call for getting the document. This prevents us from protecting the document while also managing access to it with the API.



      We want to do this:

      1. Send a document for signing using KBA.

      2. After document is signed we don't want an email going to the signers giving them access to the signed document. We handle that with the callback API call.. "Thank you for signing,... etc.". We provide them access to the signed document after they authenticate through our company portal where we make API calls to retrieve the documents on their behalf.


      Or alternatively:

      1. Send a document for signing using KBA.

      2. Signers receive the email from Adobe that the document has been signed. The document is password protected.

      3. Authenticated users in our account have document access without providing a password... AND/OR we are able to send the password in the API call for retrieving the documents for our authenticated users.


      Am I missing something?


      Thank you.