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    How do I choose what format to use?


      Hello all.  I've finally upgraded from 8.0 to 13, and am having a few problems:

           1     How do I set the defaults to PAL settings?

           2     In PE8, there weren't that many aspect ratios to choose from.  13 is awash with them, so how do I choose which is best for things.  finally...

           3     Even when I import a 720 x 900 aspect at the beginning of a film project, the program is defaulting to widescreen.  How do I stop this?


      Sorry if these questions are a bit obvious, but please... be gentle.

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          River0745 Level 1

          Example.jpgThis is what I mean.  The image in the middle is 1024 x 768, but the program is still creating it in the aspect shown here.

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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            On what computer operating system are you running your Premiere Elements 13? Have you updated 13 to 13.1 yet using an opened project's Help Menu/Updates?


            To your immediate questions, what language and country did you set at the time of installation of Premiere Elements 13? In 13 installation, there is no longer a place to set NTSC TV Format or PAL TV Format. Please read my full discussion of the matter in the following link...

            ATR Premiere Elements Troubleshooting: PE 11, 12, 13: More About Project Presets


            NTSC TV Format/PAL TV Format choices are gone in Premiere Elements 13 installation. If you are in Europe or another country under the PAL designation and your Premiere Elements 13 is opening with a NTSC instead of PAL default project preset, then I see no solution at this time. It is an immediate matter for Adobe to define for the PAL Community. Designating the country and language during installation does seem to be triggering automatically the correctly the language for the program, but not the default project preset. That is explained in great detail in the link above.


            Default Project Preset....In Premiere Elements 10 and earlier the default project preset is either NTSC DV Standard or PAL DV Standard depending on your choice of NTSC TV Format or PAL DV Format during installation. In version of Premiere Elements later then 10, Adobe has set up the project preset to be set automatically based on the properties of the first file dragged to the Timeline. Ideally it should overwrite the default 1080i project preset with one that matches the source properties. If it cannot select a match between one of its project preset and the properties of the source file, it does not give you the closest fit, rather it gives you its default NTSC AVCHD Full HD1080i30 or PAL AVCHD HD1080i25. When that happens, you start a new project, set the project preset manually for the right match or the closest you can find under the circumstances, and then import the source media into the project.


            Your 720 x 900 is an atypical import format for Premiere Elements and is expect to trigger the default project preset (1080i) when it is dragged to the Timeline as the first file.


            Please review and consider. Please detail the properties of your source media (brand/model/settings for the camera that recorded the video), and I will suggest the best possible import settings for your project.


            The bottom line is, if the automatic project preset way is not working, then you set the project preset manually before importing the source media. The major function of the project preset is to direct the project to establish the correct space in the Edit area monitor for editing, to direct the project to display the correct Movie Menu theme format, and to offer other subtle effects.


            Any questions, please ask after going through the above.





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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              I did not see your post 1 until I had posted by reply to your thread question (see post numbered 2).


              Again, supply the details of your source files.

              Video compression

              Audio compression

              Frame size

              Frame rate

              Interlaced or Progressive

              File Extension

              Pixel aspect ratio


              If still, pixel dimensions (Frame Width x Frame Height).


              What is your intend export for this Timeline content?


              All I can tell from your screenshot

              1. You are using Premiere Elements 13 on some version of Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 64 bit and are in the Expert workspace of one of its projects.

              2. You have a file (6 seconds duration) on the Timeline, probably a still

              3. The frame size of the file does not match that of the project preset which is probably 1080i


              Can I assume that you want to work without black borders in your frame?