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    Click boxes set to show object with audio not working

    BigRedK9 Level 1

      Hey team.  I am on CP 8.  I have a page with 5 click boxes (layered over an image to simulate a button)  I also have 5 coordinating smartshapes with text and audio attached to each.  The goal was, when the user clicks the click box it shows the linked shape and plays the audio and after the audio is finished, the shape hides and the person can click on the next one.  When I preview this, it works for the first click box I click on but the rest will not show their corresponding shape and play its audio.  I can click on any of the 5 and it will work but then subsequent click do not work.  I do get the click sound when clicking on the boxes.  I do have lead in audio to the slide but I do not think that is affecting anything.  Any thoughts?

      Click 2.PNG

      Click 1.PNG