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    Batch Import Folders and HTML Topics into Project


      Hello everyone.


      What I have:

      • RoboHelp 10.
      • A highly-customized Multi-Screen HTML5 layout/profile.
      • Several thousand HTML topics with basic markup (full of topic content like headings, text, and images) divided across hundreds of windows folders in a hierarchy.


      What I want to do:

      • Import all of these topics into my project without manually adding all the folders and importing files folder-by-folder.
      • Do this again in the future, since new folders and topics are added frequently, and we do not work in Robohelp (we create the files in a text editor because we don't like Robohelp's text editor or what it does to the code in the source files).


      I've tested importing about a dozen topics in different folders to make sure everything works and I'm quite pleased with the result. As far as I understand, Robohelp is not aware of the folders/files in your project folder, and does not have a feature to batch import. Adding new files manually for every version just isn't an option.

      Is there any way to do what I want? I am completely willing to write a small program that will modify the appropriate files for me. I just don't know what to modify to make this happen. I've tried editing the .fpj files in each folder, but that didn't include the topic in the generated output. So then I edited the .hhp file, and the topic was included in the final generated output, but did not have the screen layout applied to it. So I know I'm close, but missing something.

      I appreciate any insight. Thanks.