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    Graphic issues since using LR CC with GT640M

    Daniel Dacoco



      i'm using Lightroom CC for a couple of days now and got some issues with the GPU acceleration. When using it, i encounter some displaying issues which are hard to describe. Therefor i uploaded a public video @ Youtube and Dropbox:

      Youtube:  Lightroom GPU Acceleration Issue - YouTube

      Dropbox:  https://www.dropbox.com/l/Ndv10u0oefjmlJFlHRVpfs


      The PC i'm using is a Dell XPS One 27 (All-in-One PC) and there is a Intel GPU (slow) and a Nvidia GT640M (faster). When i activate the GPU acceleration it automatically uses the Intel GPU. Therefor i disabled it in the device manager of windows. Then the GPU of nvidia is used and everything is faster. But after using it for a couple of minutes i encounter the displaying issues (ghost pictures). When i disable the GPU acceleration everything is fine. I already checked for LR Updates and installed the latest Nvidia driver.


      I first thought it's maybe a hardware issue of the graphic chip and checked the temperature but this doesn't seem to be the solution. Even when it's at about 60C° and i suspend the PC to disk and wake it up after a couple of hours the issue even occurs when the GPU is just about 40°C.


      Does anyone know what causes the issue?