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    DW8 Bug report

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      As I can't make a bug report on the DW website without a valid serial number*, could any Macroserf on here please pass on the following bug report to the DW development team. I don't want to discuss it, really I don't, because I already have in some detail on this forum - I just want it passed on and maybe fixed at some point in the future. I'm using Windows eXtra Pathetic Pro with SP2, and DW8.01. TIA.



      This is a bug report, not a support call. I would supply my serial number but my copy of DW8 was installed by our techs and I can't get to the s/n from within DW.

      I described the bug in detail in the thread "DW8 not finding stylesheet" in macromedia.dreamweaver on 13th April, but essentially it's about DW8 not finding a particular site stylesheet, and giving strange errors or crashing on page preview in that site. The problem occurs on no other site, and the site behaved fine in DWMX. Murray, an "Adobe Community Expert", had a go at it but couldn't solve it.

      I've just now gone through all the practical steps that I can in the troubleshooting technote ( http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/knowledgebase/index.cfm?id=tn_15481) and the problem recurs. By "practical" I mean that I didn't go testing low-level hardware - life just isn't long enough to go on wild goose chases.

      I'm not after any support here - I've spent too long on this problem and as it only occurs on this site I'll edit the site in an old copy of DWMX, so it's not a bother. This is just a bug report, but as there's no bug report address on the DW site that I could see I'm making it here.



      * The instructions for obtaining the s/n (about|DW|click|bottom left corner - see http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/knowledgebase/index.cfm?id=tn_15290) fail miserably in DW8, and I don't have the s/n to hand as our techies installed the software precisely so that users couldn't get hold of the s/n and thus activate trial copies elsewhere - D'OH!!