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    Working projects on PE 12 & PE 13

    PanosGR Level 1

      Hi @ all


      I have a few projects that I've worked on PE 12 (at my office's desktop PC). Sometimes I have to opened them in PE 13 (at my house desktop PC) which is purchased by me. Until now everything works fine! When I try to open them again at PE 12 (office Desktop PC) I get a message ''the project appears to be damaged it cannot be opened''.

      I understand that maybe there is a issue working a project in two version, but is there any solution or suggestion how to open these projects in future?


      Pc Desktop

      PE 13

      Win 7 64bit

      16 gb ram


      Office Desktop

      PE 12

      Win 7 64bit

      8 gb ram


      Kind Regards