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    Importing Excel into Oracle

    Rationalize Level 1
      7 users have access to an Excel Sheet.
      Any user can use the coldfusion front-end and upload this excel file into an Oracle database.
      Excel sheet has 30 columns, but when they click on Upload...only 5 0r 6 columns will be filled.
      The rest will be null values in the database.
      I'm not in a position to make use of Oracle External Tables neither can I run DB scripts to check for newer Excel Uploads.
      As of now I need suggestions on the possible approaches.

      Also when user clicks upload:
      If col-1 has value then col-2, col-3 should have values and col-4, col-5 should not have any values.
      There will be checks like these in place too.
      Please suggest how do I check an .xls file if all these conditions are filled per row (assuming that there would be 40 rows per upload per user per day). Do I check the .xls file or do I check for these validations somewhere else, if yese where and how ??