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    topic page breaks

      is it possible to insert a mid- topic page break?

      i am exporting a project as printed documentation. i am aware it is possible to start every chapter on a new page but i don't want to do this. i wish some chapters to start on a new page but in some circumstances have two topics on a page.

      so is there a way of inserting a page break into the topic?
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Unfortunately there is no way of doing this in RH. You'll have to amend the printed output accordingly. Either have all chapter on a new page and remove the unnecessary page breaks or visa versa and add them.
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            Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
            For users printing the topic itself you can insert a page break as covered in Snippets on my site.

            However, what you want is to indicate in the source where a page break should occur just in the printed document. I don't think the page break I referred to survives the trip to the printed output. Because your splits are arbitary I think the only way is to decide whether most topics should start on a new page or run on from the previous so that most topics are as you want. Then you will need to manually edit the smaller number in Word.

            Thinking some more as I typed that...

            All chapters start on a new page. Could you not rearrange the print layout to take advantage of that?

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              ash_fridd Level 1
              i thought of doing that, thought it would require a lot of re-structuring and makes the document a lot more rigid.

              also it would have huge consequences exporting to webhelp pro.
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                RoboColum(n) Level 5
                Could you explain what you mean by "Rigid"? I fail to see this and besides it is the only way of achieving your aim.
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                  I have the same problem. For instance, I want to keep a text and a picture below together, so that there is no page break between.

                  How can this be solved? It would a least mean that I can define in the source where a page break should NOT occur.

                  Something like NOBR?
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                    HKabaker Level 2
                    Unless you can figure out a global way to apply arbitrary actions -- call it dynamic, if you like -- it sounds like you need to do something in RH for every instance. I've reconciled myself to working in Word and, as Peter suggests, setting RH to apply the majority rule.

                    A random thought:

                    The latest versions of MS Office use special markup tags to handle just this sort of problem translating from .doc to .xls and .xls to .doc, for example. And especially converting .doc to .html / .html to doc. (I think this started in Word 2003; maybe XP also is involved.)

                    That's where we 've been getting a lot of annoying ,superfluous html code when RH imports a Word document.

                    Within MS Office, you could study how a .doc file translates to .html, and whether you can translate that .html file back to .doc, making a new .doc that's identical to the original. That would tell you whether page breaks and "keep with" attributes, for example, can go back and forth, and what the tags are in html.

                    If that works, you might figure out a way to drop special tags into RH topics before generating print output. Do it in a copy of the project folder (to maintain the integrity of RH output to WebHelp).

                    Please report on any progress.



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                      HKabaker Level 2
                      Well, I couldn't stand to leave the question unanswered.

                      -------Oops, sorry, I see Peter has this covered, with credit to Leon Descoteaux and John-Pierre Cornilissen. My small part here is to add that you can put the break anywhere in a topic, not just in a heading style, and it carries through to the Word doc.


                      Use this line in the TrueCode to force a page break in .doc output:

                      <!--kadov_tag{{<implicit_p>}}--><br style="page-break-before: always;">

                      It shows up in RH as an empty text box. RH leaves it alone, and it seems to do no harm in WebHelp. When you generate print doc, you get a page break.

                      Whether this is less trouble than inserting a page break in the Word doc, I'll leave to others.