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    Moving from Windows to Mac


      Hi All


      I'm making the jump and I'm awaiting delivery of my new iMac.


      Does anyone have any pointers as to how I move my existing photos to my new iMac?


      I have 3 LR Catalogues on my PC internal drive.

      48,000 RAW images on a WD external drive. (FAT32)


      Ideally I just want to plug the WD into the iMac but from what I've read about different file formats this may not be the case. Plus I think the drive maybe a bit slow so perhaps I move the RAW images onto either the iMac hard drive or I buy a new fast external drive to run on the iMac. Either way I want to be sure I've got all the kit,wires,thunderbirds here ready to go.


      Any advice appreciated.