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    Create empty newspaper template?


      Hi, We are a small company creating a newspaper every week. I am new to indesign, I would like to make a 20 page template that would look the same every week, except form the contents of course:) We use incopy to fill in the pages.

      What we do now is open last weeks indesign document and work in it saving it as next weeks paper. How would i proceed if I wanted to make a fixed template, with empty image and text boxes.

      I want to use our existing pages to create the templates.

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Delete the content from the frames in the current edition and save As choosing Template. But it would really be better to start from scratch so you know there is no accumulated corruption.


          I advise a student newspaper, and we use a pretty simple template with column grids and master pages for page 1, odd and even pages. We add pages based on the masters as required, and override the headers to change dates and page numbers. We don't have preset frames because the content changes so radically each week, but the template does contain paragraph and object styles.

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            jmlevy Adobe Community Professional

            And you could fill the text frames with placeholder text, using the actual paragraph styles, so there's no doubt for anybody to know what style should be used.

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              S Hopkins Adobe Community Professional

              In reference to your question on creating an empty newspaper template:


              You definitely will want to start your template from scratch. Set up a master page for the front page, inside left, inside right and any other special pages that need a different header, masthead, or specific layout. You can then import your text styles (paragraph and character) from your current newspaper. Also, import your object styles. Not using object styles? Definitely get accustomed to using them for page items such as images, captions, text frames (with paragraph styles that link to next styles), etc. Add pages, assign pages to master pages, and so on. Save as a template. When ready to put the paper together, start a new document using the template. You can always assign a different master page to a page as needed.


              Because so much of a newspaper page is the same, I advocate using scripts for placing content on pages. You might want to check out some of the videos that I have on YouTube that present ideas for automating the InCopy to InDesign workflow. Some workflows use assignments (starting in InDesign and assigning stories to InCopy), others start in InCopy. You might find some interesting ideas there. Shirley Hopkins - YouTube

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                carolineg49903041 Level 1

                Thank you. I will start looking this up. I think we have mixed up the differencce between paragraph and character styles, as it seems only the latter have been coded.

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                  carolineg49903041 Level 1

                  This might be a better idea than empty frames I agree