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    Why is Adobe such a pile of crap?!


      Never in 3.5 decades serious computing have I come across less organised company than Adobe. They seem to have let a swarm of fuzzy minded limp wristed metrosexual weirdos build an interactive web experience at the cost of basic functionality such as payment, licensing, authorisation, support and anything else that makes a business work.


      All I want to do is transfer a license, something that should take a few minutes at very most. According to your website I have to download a pdf, print it off (?!?), fill it in, scan it in, save it as some Adobe friendly format, then present it to a portal which undoubtedly tell me it isn't up right now or 'unrecognised format error'.


      I'm trying to get work done - WORK, yes the four letter word!


      Adobe: Fire all the fairies and get some hardcore business people and web developers in.