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    Rendering the same intro to multiple videos


      I have a little problem here: I use the same intro (10 seconds) in my videos but rendering the intro takes too much time and I have to do this every time when I render a new video. Is there any way to render it only once then add it to my upcoming videos? I usually use the same renderer settings for my videos.


      Currently what I'm doing:
      -Creating a new poject.

      -Importing the 10 seconds long intro project.

      -Adding the Intro's main composition to the project.

      -Editing the rest of the video content.
      -Rendering it.


      The problem is sometimes I make only 2-3 minutes long videos and with my renderer settings the 2-3 minutes content's render time is only about 3-7 minutes, but the intro's rendering time is 20-30 minutes...