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    tabIndex on a Movie Clip

      I'm working on a project where I need to set the tabIndex on elements within the flash movie. I'm having a difficult time as it seems that nothing is really working for me. I have a main swf that creates an empty movie clip and then adds a swf file that has a movie clip that acts like buttons.

      I need those buttons to have a tabIndex. I saw this link to an adobe blog for how to make a movie clip have a tab index.

      It only works with case 7 and that is because it looks like it has a _root reference as all the other examples seem to not work for me in both IE and Firefox.

      Currently this is my code for the movie clip that is within the swf that gets loaded into the empty movie clip that is placed onto the main swf timeline.

      //---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------
      if (nextButton_mc._accProps == undefined ) {
      nextButton_mc._accProps = new Object();

      nextButton_mc.tabEnabled = true;
      nextButton_mc.tabIndex = 1;

      nextButton_mc._accProps.silent = false;
      nextButton_mc._accProps.name = "Next Button";
      nextButton_mc._accProps.description = "Click the Next Button to move to next page";
      //---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------

      Any ideas as to what I could be doing wrong?