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    Linked AI file shifts around on changing layers' visibility

    IdamIndia Level 1

      Guys I am a bit lost, could not figure out how to "fix" (pin-down) an embedded AI file in ID.


      Been drawing vector maps in AI, now composing in ID, I run into issues [CS6]:

      1. the map is a large vector map with layers of info, regions and roads

      2. In ID, the same map is used in various zooms in their widows, where, selective layers are hidden, using "Object Layer Options..."


      3. Hide a layer and the content shifts!!


      Question: Is there no way to pin-down-linked-content !!



      So here is the logic I tried to imagine and invented a fix, but since the fix is working, it seem a bad logic or at least there should be some option to simply pin-the-content

      The Fix:

      1. Ensure the layers all extend equally (or at least the ones you plan to hide) in all directions (x and y)

      2. Hiding a layer should not affect the "bounds" of the remaining (visible) content. If it does it will effect a shift in content in ID

      This fixed worked and so I extended the object (luckily it was a background large rectangle) to full bounds of the content. Phew!


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