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    Flash not updating through Proxy service


      Hi. We operate a corporate firewall and 3rd party Web proxy service . Users cannot gain internet access without going through the proxy filtering and monitoring service. The Flash update check and initial online updater file download works but the actual update file fails. Setting temporary unrestricted access through the firewall allows the update to work. The updater must be using non standard internet ports. Once installed, what  site and what port does flashplayer17ax_ce_install.exe use to download the update file?

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          AnindyaS Level 1

          Hi 2HSupport,


          We are not using any non standard port so the update should work for you. Which 3rd party proxy service you are using? Can you add more specific about what kind of proxy you are using? Is it via a PAC file/NTLM proxy? Any more details will help in debugging further. Also if possible we can have a screen share session with you and actually try to see your settings to help debug the issue further.