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    I have lost all my smart filtering/develop criteria


      Basically this is what happened. Last night, somehow I lost all the criteria associated with my smart filtering and developing information. Basically all of the key organisational data I used to populate all of my .dng files are no longer available and associated with my photos. I have over 700 photos in LR that were flagged, stared, color coded and organized in my smart filtering folders based on my criteria. Also several photos were edited in development that no longer have there adjustment history. All of it is gone.


      There was a point where I was having a problem getting to a new folder that I needed to import some new files from, I removed not deleted the folders I had from LR by accident and when I imported them back in,  this is when everything went missing. Is there a way for me to recover that. It was a great deal of work that is now gone?