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    using \ for tabStops

    exPluda? Level 1

      I just don't know what else shoul I use to make my tabStops work

      using myVar = "a\b\c\d";

      it works perfectly, but using variables in the string I can't make this work... and flash documentation abaut this is very bad...

      This is the code

      for (quantos_items=0; quantos_items<array_enc.length; quantos_items++) {
      var a:String = array_enc[quantos_items].Quantidade;
      var b:String = "\ "+array_enc[quantos_items].Ref;
      var c:String = "\ "+array_enc[quantos_items].IVA;
      var d:String = "\ "+array_enc[quantos_items].Total;
      _root.txt_com_a_encomenda.multiline = true;
      //_root.txt_com_a_encomenda.html = true;
      _root.txt_com_a_encomenda.text += a;
      _root.txt_com_a_encomenda.text += b;
      _root.txt_com_a_encomenda.text += c;
      _root.txt_com_a_encomenda.text += d;
      _root.txt_com_a_encomenda.text += "\n";

      Also, assuming this will work, is it possible to make flash calculate the the total of the value in the last tabStop at the end of the sentence?

      I mean, each line will have quantity, name, tax, final price

      I need tho make flash display at the ende of all lines how mutch user will pay for his purchaise.

      Thanks a lot for help :-)