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    Import counter not advancing


      I am working on a fairly large 16 day photoshoot in Jamaica with 5 photographers. I am handling the digital asset management for the advertising agency. One of our photogs is shooting with a Sony and downloading the memory cards to his computer through Lightroom. I have his import dialog set to rename the files upon import with a custom name-5digit sequential number. When he downloads the cards, Lightroom generates three identical filenames for three sequential photos before it advances the the 5 digit sequential number by one. The result is file names like this: custom-00001, custom-00001-2, custom-00001-3, custom-00002, custom-00002-2, custom-00002-3, and so on. He is running the latest version of Lightroom CC on a MacBook Pro. Any way to fix this issue, aside from renaming the photos after import?