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    Delete Catalog Duplicates?


      I just upgraded to LR 6 and am having trouble getting my catalogs to sink.


      Here's my background.


      Have used LR3 since release and kept all photos in a single catalog.


      I ran the trial version of LR5 several months ago but never upgraded.  This created a separate catalog.


      After I didn't upgrade to LR5 I went back to using LR3 and I never transferred any of the photos from my LR5 catalog to my LR3 catalog.


      Now, I just upgraded to LR6 and upon install it upgraded one of my catalogs (believe my LR5 cat).


      So I thought I'd just import my LR3 catalog and everything would be hunky-dory.   Nope.  I know have a bunch of duplicates that LR6 recognizes.  For example, the image will have a small square in the library preview that when hovered over will say 1 of 2.


      Is there anyway I can simply get rid of the catalog duplicates?


      Note that the duplicates do not exist on my HD, just within LR's catalog?


      For the time being I have restored a backup to before I imported my LR3 catalog but can easily go back and redo it.


      Thanks in advance.

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          jordanm32119959 Level 1

          For what it's worth it doesn't look like my edits have carried over either (at least as distinguished by the thumbnail symbols showing exposure change, etc.)


          This is not a priority for me at the moment as I always export my finished product.  Just wanted to mention it in case it's related to my duplicates problem.

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            Ian Lyons MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            Your post contradicts itself a couple of times, but I get the sense that you wee using Lr3 before the upgrade. If this is the case then I suggest you go to the folder containing the Lr3 catalog, right mouse click on it and choose Open with Lightroom 6. This should give you the option to upgrade that catalog. When your satisfied that it's the correct catalog I recommend removing the redundant Lightroom 5 and 6 catalogs. Keeping your old Lr 3 catalog is a good idea until absolutely sure that Lr6 is working as you expect.